5 Helpful Power Devices for Business Travel

There’s not much more frustrating on a business trip than rushing through airport security to make a conference call, sitting down to dial in, and realizing your phone is about to die.  Whatever the reason—a low performing battery, lack of plug availability, or missing a plug converter in a foreign country—device charging is something business…

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Building a 10-piece business travel capsule wardrobe

Packing for a business trip can feel so overwhelming. Countless readers, coworkers, and friends have shared their struggles and frustrations. It’s tempting to bring everything in your closet just so you know you will be covered for any situation, but it’s not necessary (I promise!). Case in point: recently I traveled to California with a…

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Packing efficiently

As if you needed another reason to not check your bag….. According to USA Today a woman traveling from Tampa to DFW arrived at the baggage carousel to find her suitcase “shredded.” Half of her belongings were gone, and what was left was heaped in a bin and covered in grease and toothpaste. Yikes. Now,…

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