Who is Road Warriorette?

I am a  professional woman who travels for work, a lot, from my home base in Texas.  I do my best to give advice, observations, and insight to women who travel for work, or for fun, or who would like to travel more.  I also hope to provide a place for women to discuss life on the road, and hopefully help each other out.

When I started traveling for work seven years ago, there were little to no resources for women business travelers. I decided then that when I knew enough to make business travel easier for women, I would start sharing. My goal with every post I write is to help others have smoother, easier, and less stressful trips.

In addition to writing and travel, both for work and for fun, I spend my time knitting, doing yoga, and enjoying wine and barbecue. My husband, the Home Warrior, and I live in Texas with our kiddos and dog.

Have a question, comment, or suggestion? Send them to  me at RW @ RoadWarriorette.com.

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